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Our Location

1117 Route 46 E

Suite 102 

Clifton, NJ 07458

Our Hours

Sunday- Closed

Monday- 8:00 am–8:00 pm

Tuesday- 8:00 am–6:00 pm

Wednesday- 8:00 am–8:00 pm

Thursday- 8:00 am–6:00 pm

Friday- 8:00 am–7:00 pm

Saturday- 9:00 am–5:00 pm

Ultrasounds are done on Fridays from 9:00-5:00 p.m. 

CT scans are done on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:00- 2:00 p.m 

MRI scans are done daily per our Office Hours

X-Rays are walk in and don't require appointments!

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