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Care and Safety of Patients Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic

COVID-19, the infectious disease caused by the novel coronavirus, has dramatically changed how we conduct daily activities. 

At Lifecare Diagnostic Imaging, our top priorities are to protect the health and safety of our patients and staff members while doing our part to limit the risk of community spread.

The following details the practices we are employing during the pandemic to ensure the best possible patient care, as well as the steps you need to take to reduce your risks of infection.

Safety Measures at Our Location: 

At our facility, the following safety measures are in place. 

  • Limiting Visits: Operating with modified schedules to allow us to maximize social distancing. We are limiting the number of patients in the facility at a given time to lessen the possibility that patients will come into close contact with one another. 

  • Limiting visitors in our offices: We have our patients remain in their cars and call them once we are ready to check them in to ensure distancing. All patients are isolated in contact from other patients and the lounge is regularly disinfected. 

  • Cleaning and disinfecting: Our machines are thoroughly cleaned between each patient visit.

  • Following Protocols: Our staff will follow ACR Guidelines in cleaning guidance and will be utilizing standard surgical face masks at all times.

Our experienced staff is trained to guide you through your exam in a safe environment, and we look forward to seeing you. If you have any questions about your appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Scheduling Your Appointment:

To schedule your appointment in advance, please call 973-777-8100. 

When you schedule your appointment, we will ask if you have experienced fever or cough within the past 14 days, or if you have received a positive test for COVID-19. This allows us to provide maximum protection for all of our patients and staff.

You are required to wear a mask or face covering during your visit, in accordance with the current guidelines in New Jersey state.

Ways You Can Protect Yourself Amidst Covid-19:

This is a difficult time for everyone. Amidst questions and concerns over the coronavirus, there may be other health issues you have that need to be addressed. At Lifecare Diagnostics, procedures we perform are essential in treating people suffering from a variety of potentially serious injuries, illnesses, and chronic medical conditions.

To ensure you get the care you need during this challenging time, there are precautions you need to take. These include speaking to your primary medical provider about your condition, your current recommended course of treatment, and any modifications that need to be made.

In addition to the above, we all need to take steps to protect ourselves against the coronavirus. These include:

  • Wash hands frequently: Use soap and hot water for at least twenty seconds multiple times a day.

  • Use hand sanitizer: Keep hand sanitizer with you and use it if hand washing is not available.

  • Cover coughs and sneezes: Keep tissues nearby at all times.

  • Avoid touching your face: Touching your face with unwashed hands increases your risk of contracting the virus.

  • Make cleanliness a top priority: Clean and disinfect surfaces in your home or office regularly.

  • Stay at home: Avoid non-essential trips.

At Lifecare Diagnostic Imaging, we have been a trusted provider of imaging services in the county for more than 15 years. We remain open and here to help you during this difficult time. For scheduling: call (973)777-8100 or visit our website-

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